[1.49GB] Farting Magic-Gia Love & Selena Kyle 3/3 - Ginary

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farting-magic-gia-love-selena-kyle-3-3-ginary.mp4 [1.49GB] - part 3 of 3 Gia Love was angry when she found out that the new girl Selena Kyle was hired as a senior employee and not Gia’s underling. She did her best to enslave Selena with her sexy farting ass but was out done by Selena. Gia though she could use her magic belly to sway Selena only to be overwhelmed herself by Selena’s tummy. Rather than gloat over her victory Selena suggest the girl celebrate their new working relationship with some sexy girl time. The pair strip down and begins worshiping each others breast. Gia slips down between Selena’s thighs to eat her pussy then bends over so Selena can worship her round rump with kisses and raspberries. Selena clips on top of Gia scissoring her and the two girls grind their pussies together. Selena slides down to lick her new toys pussy then Gia climbs on top for more tribbing. The girls wraps up their love making with a passionate kiss. (Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Gia or Selena.)

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