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auntie-spanks-disrespectful-niece-ukcutegirl.mp4 [258.06MB] - Lucy is being a naughty girl. When her Auntie Zoe enters she gets in trouble for not doing her chores and for having her shoes on the sofa. Auntie Zoe is strict and takes no nonsense, she shows Lucy what happens when she rolls her eyes, huffs and disrespects her. She will punish her, she bends her over the sofa and pulls up her skirt. Lucy is wearing a thong and Auntie Zoe begins spanking her butt cheeks. Lucy screams in pain and asks her to stop but Auntie Zoe is teaching her that breaking the rules has consequences. She orders Lucy to sit down but she questions this and says ‘what on this sore arse!?’ Auntie Zoe spanks her some more for answering back and using that language in her house. Auntie Zoe asks Lucy if she has hoovered, she pushes her onto her hands and knees and orders her to lick the floor as it isn’t good enough. She then carries on spanking her, her butt cheeks are going really red and it’s so sore. Young girls who don’t follow the rules deserve to be humiliated. Auntie Zoe likes to be in charge and to dominate, she makes Lucy take off her panties and put them in her mouth. Lucy is so embarrassed and humiliated as she bends over the sofa and receives another spanking from her Auntie. This time Auntie Zoe spanks her harder and harder. Lucy screams more and her butt is so red. It’s finally finished and Lucy runs off to finish her chores.

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