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good-girl-posing-in-sexy-photoshoot-ginger-tarra.mp4 [1013.67MB] - Good girl posing in sexy photoshoot - this was my first ever custom order, and here's the scenario: "Photoshoot Story Posing for Photoshoot. Innocent Classy lady - not PSE. More ENF. The reason I ask to read each pose is that I would also love to hear your voice. Scenario, You are short of money so have signed up for a Photoshoot that offers good money. You are innocent girl who thinks it will be a classy fashion photoshoot. Please wear a dress or skirt/blouse. Please wear make up. You want to look your best for the fashion shoot. Please print out the list (or put it on an iPad/tablet) and read each pose aloud before doing it. Hold each pose for at least 5 to 10 seconds as if waiting for someone to take photos before reading out the next pose. Feel free to add or modify any poses if you want. As the poses get more explicit please act like an innocent naked female. Please, start the video by walking in and introducing yourself. Tell the camera you are here for the fashion photoshoot. Then start reading from the list: 1. Please give us a pose that best display your outfit, Front, side on, back. 2. Please give us a sexy pouty pose. 3. Please remove your bra. And pose to best show your blouse. (Note: If you can’t remove your bra without taking off your top please go out of shot to remove bra and come back) . Front and side pose. 4. Remove you panties from under the skirt and hold them up displaying the panties you are have been wearing, with your face in the shot as well. 5. Show us another couple of sexy poses now. Please tease the camera. 6. Sit down & pull your skirt up. Pose. 7. Open your legs wider. 8. Stand up. Remove your clothes and pose full frontal. 9. Open your mouth and hold the pose, almost as if you are waiting to receive a cock in your mouth. 10. Turn side on and pose on your hands and knees as if about to receive doggy style. Look at the camera. 11. Now hold the same pose but with the camera showing us your ass and pussy, please make sure we can see your face. 12. Sit down and give us 2 x sexy poses with open legs. Smile. 13. Pose in the best position that would give us a view of your open pussy. Please make sure we can see you face as well. Hold for at least 10 seconds. Thank you for your participation in this photoshoot. We hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!"

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