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tutu-first-anal-training-kiki-cali.mp4 [1.13GB] - I know that you've been thinking I've been such a naughty little girl lately, Daddy, but let me make up for it please? I know I can show Daddy that I can be his perfect most well behave good little girl, and I know just how to do it too! I'm gona prove to you Daddy how much of a good girl I am by training, FOR THE FIRST TIME, my little butthole for Daddy's big cock with my jeweled anal plug set! Look Daddy, my set comes with three sizes, and in three different colors too! There's a small plug, a medium one, and then a very large one! Its so big that its almost like an extra large compared to the medium plug hehe see Daddy?! ....watch me lube up my tight booty hole first before I start warming my little hole up for bigger sizes hehe. Look how cute and easy that was Daddy! And this first plug has a pink heart jewel on it! and because I said I would prove I am a good girl for you Daddy, Im going to give myself some 10 swats with my wooden paddle on each cheek. I know I do deserve this Daddy. ...but now onto bigger things hehe i like my pink plug, but it is very small even for my little hole Daddy hehe so I think its time to try out my medium sized plug for you Daddy! I lube up my purple medium plug and see how much easier it slides slowly in for you Daddy? The bigger size feels so much better in my tight bootyhole and I never wear purple often so I think I need to twerk for you a little Daddy hehe see how my cute little ass claps around my purple plug?!...but Daddy, after having TWO different sizes of plugs in my tight ass, Im very much ready to feel the biggest plug in my little hole now please Daddy! You knoow how much I love my little butt played with hehe and you know how ready and excited I am to show Daddy that I can take the biggest plug, almost like I'm ready enough to take Daddy's big cock! So more lube Daddy hehe you know I can be your messy girl sometimes hehe! and Ohmygoodness! Daddy! Look how big this last plug is compared to my tight little bootyhole! But Im going to make it fit for Daddy! and look Daddy! I MADE it fit for you and ohhmygossh I can't even imagine having Daddy's big cock in my little ass if this is what just my big plug feel like, this is nothing compared to you Daddy!....Well Daddy hehe I made it aaall fit Daddy! See how much of a good girl I AM for you Daddy! aand to prove it once more just a little bit further, after I take out my biggest plug, Im going to wink for you Daddy because I know how much you love your little girls smile so I think you'll love my little wink even more hehe! See Daddy! Im always and forever your good little girl! Didn't I do a good job training my little tight ass for the first time Daddy?!

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