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cleos-playtime-cleodivine.mp4 [186.40MB] - While Daddy is working in his office, he leaves little Cleo to play by herself.Cleo entertains herself for awhile but she soon finds her self bored and a bit horny. She sneaks downstairs and double checks to see if Daddy is around. With Daddy nowhere in sight, Cleo sits down on the couch lifts up her little dress ad starts playing with her cute little pussy! She soon reaches behind the couch cushion and pulls out her small vibrator. Since Cleo knows she is not allowed to use such toys with out Daddy's permission, she purposely is using the small vibrator that doesn't make much noise. Cleo tries to be quiet so her Daddy doesn't find out about the naughty things she is doing to her self. Moaning louder and louder Cleo brings her self to a climax and squirts all of the couch and on the floor. She sits up slightly embarrassed and licks her fingers clean. Cleo loves being such a naughty girl. This is a quiet and a bit sensual video with little talking. There is multiple close up of Cleos cute little girl parts .

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